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2019 Korrun Co., Ltd Annual Planning Conference and Evening Gala 2019-04-03

2019 Korrun Co., Ltd Annual Planning Conference and Evening Gala

In a brightly sunshine day of January 3, 2019, the dream-chasers of Korrun attended this year’s annual conference and evening gala, and the freezing-cold wind did not decrease their desire to participate. These dreamers came from different areas worldwide to witness the splendid history of Korrun and look forward to its bright future.


Annual Planning Conference

9:30 – 16:15

On the morning of January 3, 2019, the annual planning conference starts in Wyndham. The speakers include chairman of Korrun Co., Ltd, Mr. Fan Jinsong; CEO of Runmi Tech, Zhang Su; CEO of B2B Business Group, Wang Haigang; and CFO of Korrun Co., Ltd, Ding Lijun.

Part 1

Mr. Fan summarized the brilliant achievements of Korrun in 2018, including the development of B2B and B2C group, and major activities of Korrun. Furthermore, Mr. Fan put forward to the new-year goals for all departments, focusing on the construction of system and team. In addition, Mr. Fan stated that 2019 is Korrun’s first year of charity, and repeatedly emphasized the vision of Korrun –to make people think of Korrun and 90FUN whenever travel products are mentioned in the global market; the mission – to upgrade people’s travel in quality, elegance, convenience, and comfort, and the value –Integrity & Diligence, Innovative & Practice, User First & Employee Development. Every great company is based on great products, to be bolder and to be the best.


On the basis of sales results in 2018, CEO of Runmi Tech, Mr. Zhang Su proposed that B2C should realize the second curve growth in 2019. Meanwhile, Mr. Zhang put forward to the expectation and vision of insisting on using excellent products and facing all channels in order to create influence of self-owned brand.


CEO of B2B Business Group, Mr. Wang Haigang reviewed the impressed results achieved in B2B, and then put forward to B2B’s plan of business and production in 2019, and whilst explained how to create the core competence. Mr. Wang also stated that the development of B2B should focus on core talents, capacity expansion, efficiency improvement and team integration.


At the beginning of speech, the CFO of Korrun, Ding Lijun emphasized the importance of teamwork, and then demonstrated the staff and structure of Korrun’s financial team and emphasized that the success of being a leader is closely related to the subordinate team.


Part 2

The following part is Q&A with senior managers. Several audiences asked questions to senior managers, and mangers all provided detailed answers.


Part 3

According to the tradition, the conference has honorary certificates for the best team of the year, the best employee of the year, and the best new employee of the year, in recognition of their contributions to the company in the past year.


The Best Team of the Year

The winners of the best team of the year namely are: the finical center of the group; B2B business group business section 2; B2B business group business section 1 Kerong team, Runmi online marketing; and Runmi customer service. We hope they can continue to maintain the spirit of unity and courage, and create more impressive achievements.


The Best Employee of the Year

They are the most attractive people, representing the backbone forces of Korrun. They are Zhong Zhiguo, Fan Lijuan, Xu Geng, Tang Yuxuan, Ruan Ruping, Sunhuina, Yang Baozhong, Ju Yinchu, Shen Tao, Fang Liwen, Zhang Junchao, Chen Erming, Wei Dehua, Qi Shixin, Ashiwarya, Li Beibei, Zheng Yubo, Kong Yingying, Mao Shichang, Cai Wenqing, Wu Juinfeng, Yuan Yin, Ying Yue, Yu Lianhua, and Zhou Wenbin.


The Best New Employee of the Year

They have gained the public recognition with their outstanding personal abilities, although they have just been in Korrun for a short period of time. They are Zhang Danfeng, Yang Jinhua, Zhang Min, Sang Lijuan, Shen Wei, Wang Jian, Chen Qiongfeng, Qiu Ziyang, Yin Xilong, Ma Hongtao, Ye Yilei, Cao Tao, Pramod, Deng Xinming, Chen Chunmei, Zhu Xiaozhi, Wang Hongmei, Xu Jingyi, and Zhou Bin.


The Evening Gala

19:20 – 22:30

After completing the daytime planning conference, the dreamers jointly went to Sheraton Hotel to attend the 2019 Korrun Spring Festival Evening Gala.

With the happy opening of the band, Mr. Fan presented his enthusiastic New Year's greetings to all guests and Korrun colleagues, wishing Korrun dreamers to maintain their efforts and become better people in the New Year.

Mr. Fan and other exclusives brought a fully nostalgic song – “the story of time”, creating an atmosphere of old-school and youth.

Business section 3 presented a mixed show of song, dance and video – “9102”. The ingenious cup dance with the powerful singing is impressive.

Moreover, the financial center presented a magnificent show – “in the mood for love”, and Kerong team wearing republic-style uniforms brought a melodious song –“Lake Baikal”.

Management trainees of Runmiao Project presented a musical show – “La La Land”, which led to the second chapter of the gala. Rather than the song and dance shows, business section 1 brought the comedy show – “my bestie”.

A couple of new employees presented a song – “through”, showing a memorable campus time.

Runmi Tech brought a wonderful walking show – “modern life”, with 90FUN and products of Zhixing.

Meanwhile, the magic show presented by designer of Shuomi also surprised audiences, and Runmi Beijing brought a series of dance show. Afterwards, girls from B2B Chuzhou presented an antique dance, which softened the atmosphere.

The forms of the performance are more and more diverse. The recitation of "Meet" brought by the hiking leader tells the story of Korrun people who persevere in completing hiking despite difficulties and obstacles.

A series of song presented by Rainbow Glee claimed the gala was closing to the end gradually. Last but not the least, the chairman of Korrun Co., Ltd, Mr. Fan in a punk costume, presented Beyond's “Glorious Years” and “No More hesitation” with the association of the band. The explosive and penetrating voice stimulated the enthusiasm of all audiences.

If you think this is the end of tonight, you would be too young too naïve. How could a gala be successful without your participation? Every single Korrun dreamer danced narcissistically in the joyful music.

Additionally, over 200 people won the prize in the process of luck draw, and the Privilege Award is “Koi award”.

Korrun annual conference and the evening gala officially ended at 23:00 on January 3, 2019. On this golden night full of nostalgic charm, Korrun Dream-chasers will remember their laughter and touching, look forward to and create a brighter future together.