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ENG11-12 2019-04-03


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Puppy media conference held in Beijing

On November 1st, a media conference was held by 90Fun, at which 20 media reporters were invited to experience the first batch of mass-produced lovely Puppy in Beijing.


The first ultra-light hard suitcase was introduced to the world at the Expo

On November 5th, the first ultra-light hard suitcase was officially released at the first China International Import Expo. The luggage is made of DuPont’s innovative light material Kevlar, which makes it only weight 1.68kg at the size of 20 inches.


Runmi and DuPont Shanghai Branch signed a strategic cooperation agreement

On November 6th, Shanghai Runmi Technology Co., Ltd. and Shanghai Branch of DuPont China Group Co., Ltd. formally signed a strategic cooperation agreement today to jointly establish a new material research and development and application platform.


90Fun fully appeared at the Luggage Fair in Japan for the first time

November 6th, お楽しみに!90Fun fully appeared at the Luggage Fair in Japan for the first time. The brand of 90Fun and its products of luggage, shoes, clothes and accessories were exhibited at the show.

Visiting customers were very interested in 90Fun fingerprint unlocking suitcases, aluminum frame suitcase, intelligent follow-up suitcase and other products, and intended to introduce 90Fun products into their respective channels.


90Fun rushed out of the encirclement and won the first brand of 2018 Tmall double 11 luggage category!

November 11th, Runmi’s brand 90Fun rushed out of the encirclement and won the first brand of 2018 Tmall double 11 luggage category. The net sales exceeded 100 million yuan. This is the third time that 90Fun has won this honor!


90Fun successfully entered the Canadian and Japanese markets

November 19th, 90Fun successfully entered the Canadian and Japanese markets, taking a solid step towards brand internationalization.


Korrun Co., Ltd won a prize again.

11.28, the Awarding conference of the 5th Anhui Design Competition was held, Korrun Co., Ltd won the gold medal of this competition!



The Award Ceremony of "Respecting the Most Respected People" was held

On the evening of December 9th, 2018 Dream Blue·respecting my most respected person, the award ceremony of honoring the small and medium-sized enterprise singles champion and commemorating the 40th anniversary of reform and opening-up was solemnly held in the Asia No. 1 Studio of Anhui TV Station. Mr. Fan Jinsong, chairman of Korrun Co., Ltd., was invited to attend the grand ceremony.


The first Korrun Innovation Conference was successfully held

On December 21st, on the occasion of the Korrun IPO listing anniversary, the first Korrun Innovation Conference was held.


Product innovation, business innovation, and technological innovation will present their exciting projects, and important guests will share their experience.


90GO, first physical store of 90Fun, was officially opened

On December 23rd, 90GO, the first offline store of 90Fun was officially opened in Yangzhou Multicolored World Life Plaza, and the offline retail business of Korrun officially started!




Culture training

Care, Vitality and Growth


New employee induction training conference successfully held

On November 28th, the 10th new employee induction training conference of Korrun Co., Ltd. was held in Shanghai. Partners in the field also watched the training conference through live streaming!


Korrun Baby Star-Let Love Belong Public Care successfully held

On November 29th, Korrun Love Group came to the Shamrock Children's Health Park to carry out charity activities. Every child has a magical world beyond our imagination, so that our whole society should be more patient and caring for them!


The November birthday party closed with surprise

On November 30th, the birthday party of the Korrun family was held magnificently. Delicious cakes, exquisite gifts are absolutely custom-made for Scorpio and Sagittarius babies, everyone felt relax.


The 1st anniversary of Unigrow was solemnly held

On December 10th, Shuomi's brand “Unigrow” ushered in its first anniversary celebration. On this special day, everyone gathered in Korrun Shanghai to witness this moment!


Korrun's first mobile photography class was successfully held

On December 18th, our company hired a well-known photography master to Korrun Shanghai to teach everyone how to take a good photo!


"Merry Christmas" activity ended successfully

On December 25th, on the annual Christmas Day, our company prepared exquisite Christmas gifts for everyone, and also sent sincere wishes to the babies who celebrated their birthdays in this month!



New arrival

90Fun lecturer casual backpack

On November 10th, a cool and stylish backpack was launched, which not only added color to the individual, but also made life more vibrant. Classic large open design, waterproof fabric, and its fashion color matching are becoming the vane of street fashion!


90Fun POPULAR leather backpack

On November 22nd, 90Fun released its new leather backpack. 90Fun leather backpack, Thanksgiving listing! Selected leather, classic shape, choice of style!


90Fun sports massage socks

On November 22nd, 90Fun released its new sports massage socks! As the "second face" of the human body, our feet need to be taken good care of. Massage socks can effectively relieve fatigue and provide more comfortable experience for feet. Please keep moving forward with a grateful heart!


90Fun rapid heating thermal control down jacket

On November 30th, an intelligent thermal control down jacket was released, which allows you say goodbye to the cold. Adopting the carbon nanotube heating film developed by Chinese Academy of Sciences, double zone of heating with temperature control, large heating area can sustain energy storage; filled with 90% of fluffy velvet; whole clothes can be washed; get rid of the traditional way of adding clothes to keeping warm, realize the life concept of intelligent and high-quality travel.




90Fun sports function socks

On November 30th, there's a new sports sock released, which gives you a relaxing and comfortable day. Hollow mesh helps evaporate sweat during exercise; tighten sock body helps prevent slippage; 360° fully wrap feet to give you warm feeling in winter.


90Fun multi-functional business travel package

On December 10th, the 90Fun multi-purpose business and travel package was solemnly launched, helping you to travel fashionably, showing your male temperament. Equipped with dual warehouse, taking both work and life into account; huge capacity, best choice for high quality travel!


Dry cleaner for down jacket

On December 27th, YOUQI down jacket dry cleaner is on the market! How to remove the stains of down jackets quickly in winter? YOUQI down jacket dry cleaner helps you get it!


MI rabbit Children's school bag 2

On December 28th, # MI rabbit Children's school bag 2# came to the market, professional burden reduction, new upgrade! It is the first gift for the baby in 2019!