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ENG10 2019-04-03


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90Fun assisted the 16th Anniversary of Bazaar Star Charity Night 2018

On October 12th, the 16th anniversary of BAZAAR Star Charity Night kicked off. 90Fun, together with the pioneer fashion designer Zhang Chi, brought the special limited edition of suitcase "Dream Believer" for the 2018 Bazaar Star Charity Night.


As the designated partner of 2018 BAZAAR Star Charity Night Noble Gift Box, 90Fun is dedicated to actively convey the spirit of charity, practice the slogan of "cohesion of love, aesthetic education of the future", and act together to convey goodwill, with love and warmth.


90Fun and Unigrow got into Aupu furniture market

Opened the Second Station of product internal purchase

On October 12th, 90Fun and Unigrow opened the second stop of internal purchase for Aupu furniture. The selected high-quality travel productson the spot were warmly welcomed by Aupu employees, and they were all around to buy them.


Korrun B2B Business Strategic Planning Meeting was successfully held

On October 17th, Korrun B2B Business Strategic Planning Meeting was successfully held. Managers from Shanghai, Chuzhou, Singapore, India, Taiwan and other B2B business groups gathered at Korrun headquarters in Shanghai. According to the strategic objectives of B2B business groups, the strategic planning of business departments was considered and discussed intensely.


MI Rabbit luggage

Won the 2018 Japan GoodDesign Award

The Shuomi and Xiaomi team have spent more than a year modifying the MI Rabbit luggage. After countless times to reinvent the whole design and challenge the industry's highest quality and manufacturing standards, it finally won the industry's highest honor - 2018 Japan Good Design Award, which is the best recognition of the MI Rabbit luggage team!


Corporate Culture

Care, Vitality and Growth



Training of “Things About Private Funds”

On October 11th, the first training after the National Day, Things About Private Funds”, was in full swing. Alex, the legal director of Korrun Co., Ltd., vividly provided us with the knowledge of private funds, the analyzation of current situation and some technical suggestions.


Important training: Organizational Management and Talent Development

On October 16th, the former Huawei HRVP, expert of strategic human resources management and revolution, Wu Jianguo was invited to the Korrun Shanghai headquarters, and organized the training for the core management of the company on Organizational Management and Talent Development. Teacher Wu imparted many years of practical experience, which was full of useful skills. The participants said that they benefited a lot.


The seed player successfully advanced to the final of the Anhui Poker Competition

Anhui Variety Channel "Come On Poker Champion" and Zhongfu Online jointly created the annual top poker event - "Zhongfu Online Cup Provincial Poker Competition" was held on September 15th at the Chuzhou production base of Korrun. A total of 17254 people signed up for the competition, of which 120 Korrun employees participated. On October 7th, after several rounds of fierce competition, Korrun won a total of 12 contestants and three seed players successfully advanced to the finals.


"Give life to time" - October birthday party ended with surprise

On October 26th, Korrun Shanghai headquarters held the birthday party of October.

"19-year-old" cake, we hoped that the birthday stars born in 1990’s, 1980’s and 1970’s will always retain their original innocence when they were young, and always remember their full vision and ambition for the future when they became adults; the "one-way calendar" that won the 2017 Red Spot and 2018 IF Design Award is to hope that the birthday stars can let the vitality of life run through the time they have experienced, and make every minute and every second of life full and meaningful.


Halloween, let's “play” together!

Drink pumpkin soup, listen to ghost stories, and even experience the elaborate "ghost house" together... On October 31st, the Shanghai headquarters of Korrun Co., Ltd. launched a Halloween theme event, once again carrying forward the tradition of "every festival must be celebrated". The relaxed atmosphere allows the busy employees to get a respite and experience "surprise" and "scare" with the people around them.