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ENG9 2019-04-03

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Kernel Executive Team of Korrun Stock Co., Ltd. Carried out the strategic development seminar for the next 10 years

From September 5th to 9th, more than 30 members of Korrun's core management team carried out large-scale group building activities in 2018. On the one hand, they made a deep discussion on the company’s development strategy for the next ten years. On the other hand, the activity promoted team integration and strengthened team cohesion.


Starting from the Korrun headquarters in Shanghai, through Jiuhua Mountain in Chizhou, and then to Xiuli in Huangshan, during the five-day and four-night journey, there were laughter, tears, fatigue and touching. With the help of important guests, team members have become more tacit and more executive in understanding and landing the strategies for the future.


90Fun VIP offline sharing meeting successfully held

On the afternoon of September 15th, the VIP Sharing Meeting of 90Fun was successfully held in Shanghai Qibao Vanke. For the first time, 90Fun met with the fans in the form of offline salon. The host shared the 3 years of growth and experience of 90Fun. The product manager shared the design inspiration and product concept of the new product in 2018 with everyone. There were the mangers of 90Fun, Dr. Daodao and Mrs. Liumiao, met fans face to face, chatted about products, users, activities and gossip. There were also surprises for fans and interesting interactive games.

Interesting souls will eventually meet, 90Fun is looking forward to meet with you next time.


Korrun B2B Business Group Strategy Conference was successfully held

On September 16th to 17th, the 2-day strategic meeting of Korrun B2B business group was successfully held. The core managers from Shanghai, Chuzhou, Singapore, India and other B2B business groups gathered at Korrun headquarters in Shanghai. On the one hand, they carried out the strategic objectives of the group. On the other hand, they considered and discussed the strategic plan of the B2B business.


Anhui provincial and municipal leaders visited Korrun

On September 18th, the leaders of the Anhui Provincial Government, the Provincial Economic and Informatization Commission, the Chuzhou Municipal Government and the Municipal Economic and Informatization Commission visited the headquarters of Korrun in Shanghai. The chairman of the group, Mr. Fan Jinsong, and the company's senior executives carried out the reception.

At the meeting, Mr. Fan introduced the company's development history and star products, and gave the new products to the leaders to experience. Provincial and municipal leaders praised the products, and give recognition to the future development prospects of the company.

The 2nd Supplier Conference of Runmi was successfully held

The 2nd Supply Chain Conference of Runmi Technology was held on the afternoon of September 21st at the QUBE Hotel in Shanghai Songjiang. Runmi Technology invited nearly 100 representatives from more than 70 core suppliers to attend the meeting.


At the meeting, the chairman of Korrun Co., Ltd, Mr. Fan Jinsong and the CEO of Runmi, Zhangshuo introduced the strategic planning of Korrun and the future planning and the development process of Runmi Technology since its establishment. Liu Zhixin, deputy general manager of Runmi Technology, shared the product supply chain strategy. He hoped that in the future, Runmi Technology will continuously upgrade the threshold of suppliers and reach strategic cooperation with more excellent national suppliers. In addition, Runmi Technology would establish transparent, simple and direct supplier relationships, interact more with each other, and jointly enhance the competitiveness of 90Fun. And eventually build 90Fun into an international, full-featured brand of consumer goods.


Got into FiveStar Holdings and opened the first station of product internal purchase

On September 26-27th, the own brand "90Fun" and "Unigrow" began the activities of entering the enterprises. The first stop was the influential representative of innovation practice - FiveStar Holdings in Nanjing.

As the mainstay of futuristic industrial investment, FiveStar Holdings has invested in more than ten unique commercial brands and cultivated unicorn enterprises such as Huitongda, Kidswant and Hosjoy. 90Fun and Unigrow offered good-looking travel products and exclusive discounts for the employees of FiveStar Holdings.

Various travel equipment dazzled the employees of FiveStar Holdings, and they ordered and recommended one after another. Next, Korrun's own brand will bring more excellent products into more outstanding enterprises and bring real benefits to everyone.


Our journey - Star Sea

90Fun brilliantly showed at "Beijing International Design Week"

On September 26th, 90Fun officially appeared in the "Best of China Festival" of “Beijing International Design Week”, and exhibited together with Subtle, Trace back and other brands!

9/26-10/5, Beijing, 751 Fashion Design Square East Story 2F, waiting for you to enjoy!


Corporate Culture

Care, Vitality and Growth


After three come all things

The 3rd anniversary of 90Fun

On September 20, the third anniversary of 90Fun, full of enthusiasm and vitality, 90Fun staff and VIP fans shared this annual event.

Cakes, gifts, custom-made coke, welfare was a constant;

Awards, catwalks, game competitions, every session was exciting;

Everything on this day turned into precious memories about 90Fun.


Thank you for your support, thank you for your tolerance.
The next 3 years, the next 10 years,
The next 20 years, I hope you are still there.


This Mid-Autumn Festival, "giving moon cakes" should also have a sense of ritual.

On the afternoon of September 19th, near the Mid-Autumn Festival, Korrun Shanghai headquarters held a ceremony of "sending mooncakes" for all employees. This Mid-Autumn Festival, Chang'e did not "run to the moon", but send delicious moon cakes to everyone, bless family reunion, peace and joy!


Happy Teacher's Day

In the life of each of us, we will meet many teachers, such as parents who teach us to toddle, kindly faces behind the platform in our school days, predecessors and close friends who are on the way of struggle to help.

In Korrun, there are also such a group of people who, after their busy work, carefully prepare lessons, share their professional experience unconditionally and unreservedly, and expand our knowledge and vision.

On September 10th, on this ordinary Monday, the extraordinary Teacher's Day, HR staff presented flowers to the lecturers who gave training to Korrun students in the first half of the year, as well as greeting cards with blessings from the students. Happy Teacher's Day!


Training: Top Ten Knowledge Areas for Project Management

On September 19th, the training course of “Top Ten Knowledge Areas of Project Management” from Gina, a lecturer from our group, was successfully held. During the training, project management was explained to product managers, business personnel and other personnel who were closely related to the project, which played a guiding role to a certain extent.


Korrun Chuzhou Production Base

Happy Double Festival·Interesting Sports Meeting was held Successfully

On September 22nd, in celebration of the Mid-Autumn Festival and the National Day, Korrun Chuzhou Production Base held an interesting sports meeting for all factory workers. Adhering to the purpose of "Happy First, Sports Second", everyone has happily completed all the competitions with teamwork.


Training: Safety Month basic knowledge training and inspection

In September, the Ministry of Risk Control and Chuzhou Administration Department carried out a systematic and comprehensive safety inspection of Chuzhou's factories, warehouses, Shanghai edition houses, Shanghai office areas and Rose Garden warehouses. And they made forward suggestions and rectifications to ensure the safety of the company's property and employees’ lives and health.

On September 27th and 28th, the Ministry of Risk Control, joint with Information Management Department and the Securities Department, launched two information security management system publicity conferences in Shanghai. Through various cases, everyone could be more aware of the importance of information security, and consciously abide by the company's regulations. The participants on the spot also enthusiastically participated in the interaction and discussion.


September birthday party ended with surprise

On September 28th, Korrun Shanghai headquarters held its September birthday party. The cake filled with romance was fragrant, and all the September birthday stars jointly opened the gift "surprise box". The balloon was lifted off, and the “faceless man’s piggy bank” that was popular all over the net made everyone happy.


1st Anniversary of Korrun Chuzhou Dashu Satellite Factory

On September 27th, the 1st anniversary of the opening of Chuzhou Dashu Satellite Factory of Korrun Stock Co., Ltd., the whole staff of Dashu Satellite Factory went to the Flower Expo Garden to carry out the group building activities, which fully reflected the Korrun "home" culture.